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Technical Flyers

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Text Box: David Joyce

Welcome to the website for our band of “Intrepid Derbyshire Aviators”

We fly together, meet up for light refreshment whenever possible and even meet with our respective partners for regular meals!


So why “Technical Flyers” actually it’s a legacy from G-BWON a Europa flying group that a couple of us belonged to a while back, I registered the domain name at the time and now use it as a host for this site, after all its not that bad a name is it?


A few brief words about me, my name is David Joyce and I currently own Europa G-BXGG, that’s the aircraft pictured on this page (webmasters privilege!), I am also a member of Merlin Flying Club based at the Rolls Royce Hucknall Aerodrome  “why not call in and visit us for a chat and a coffee?”


I have tried to produce a very basic site where each of the aircraft owners can submit their exploits to me in a suitable format that can be transposed onto their own appropriate pages on this site. Please feel free to click around and enjoy our site!


If you have your own aircraft and live in Derbyshire contact me if you would like to join us or acquire a page on the site!


David Joyce webmaster

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Europa G-BXGG

Europa G-BXGG

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Europa G-BXGG

Europa G-BYSA

Europa G-DEBR

Kitfox G-BZAR

Sky Arrow G-BYZR

Luscombe G-BSUD

Long Eze G-RAEM

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