Hi I’m Bob Hitchcock and am the very proud owner of G-BYSA  she is a Europa Monowheel and is based at Cole Aston near Sheffield, the engine is a 100HP Rotax 912S. Sadie is my second Europa, I shared G-BWON with David until 2008.


Wherever possible I try to use the aircraft for its original purpose “touring” especially around Europe, in fact that’s where of course the name Europa came from.

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G-BYSA after landing at “Barra”

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G-BYSA after landing at “Islay”

Postcard: From Scotland 2009


Islay . First stop beautiful island, great fresh fish. And Whiskey

Barra. Landing on the beach. Perfection

Oban. Fire department hose down the Europa to remove salt and sand. Great service. Ben Nevis

Kirkwall. Orkneys, Scapa flow. National wireless museum. So far north there is no night

Fair Isle. The Shetlands: Isolated in the North Sea. Short dirt strip. Dramatic scenery.

The journey home. Kirkwall, Peterlee, Coal Aston

TheEuropa was created for this