G-BXGG on its Trailer

G-BXGG on its Trailer

G-BXGG Cockpit

G-BXGG Cockpit

Hucknall Airfield

I was taught to fly in 1992 at East Midlands Airport by Donair Flying Club. I owe a great debt to my instructors Cpt Ian Holden & Cpt Peter Bell I still see Peter quite regularly at Hucknall and we reminisce over the old days!


The aircraft pictured above are very special to me JD was the aircraft I first went solo in and TG the aircraft I flew most, and as for PC I trained and completed my IMC instrument rating in!

Europa Aircraft is one of the most successful composite kit plane manufacturers in the UK, with the current models - Europa XS Trigear, Monowheel and Motor glider gaining massive acclaim worldwide. There are over 400 Europas flying in 33 countries and many more in the build process, which places it as one of the most popular brands in the kit plane arena.


Europa was born out of a dream to build a small composite aeroplane with low cost, high speed capability, and this remains the companys philosophy today. The Europa XS offers excellent handling and inspired design - there is little in the market place today that offers so much performance for so little cost. Thats why it remains the kit plane of choice for self build enthusiasts and pilots alike.


GG is built from a kit, is de-riggable with removable wings, fits on the back of a trailer and is made of composite material (glass fibre and foam) was built in 1997 Ben Faulkner and first flew at Popham airfield on 30/9/98. GG was owned previously to me by John Richardson (an ex RAF fighter pilot no less), she is Europa Kit number 178, PFA number 12803 and weighs 850lbs, the aircraft started life as a Mono-wheel and was converted to a Tri Gear in recent times. Bob tells me that real men fly monos but obviously I disagree!

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Well this ones my own page, its the home of GG but also depicts the aircraft I fly and have flown.


G-BXGG is a Tri Gear Europa Classic with a 100HP Rotax 912S power plant, I have a few modifications including an Airmaster constant speed propeller, the endurance is around 3.25 hours burning 15 litres of unleaded regular petrol per hour, at a speed of around 120KTS.


These figures allow me to cover vast distances in the aircraft, with my sights set very firmly on Europe and Northern UK.


Ssschhh its a secret!

The Merlin Flying Club & Cessna 150 Romeo Hotel










RH is a Cessna 150 Aerobat owned and operated along with two other aircraft G-RRCU Robin and G-YIII Cessna 150L by the Merlin Flying Club based at Rolls Royce Hucknall Aerodrome, of which I am a member.


The videos of RH lower down on the page were filmed by me but the aircraft was flown by Colin The Aeros-miester Hutson. Colin as well as having an above natural ability for throwing the most unlikely of aircraft around the skies of the UK is the CFI at the Flying Club!

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G-BXGG My Europa Tri Gear

G-BXGG My Europa Tri Gear

G-BXGG Europa was originally built as a Mono-wheel

Moi & G-BHRH c150 Aerobat

Moi & G-BWON Europa Tri Gear, now replaced by GG

G-BWON Europa Tri Gear owned by Bob and Myself now in Holland

G-BOTG Cessna 152 owned by Donair Flying Club

G-BMJD Cessna 152 owned by Donair Flying Club

G-BMPC PA28 operated by Donair Flying Club

G-BYZR Sky Arrow

ZR is an aircraft I fly quite regularly with my Wednesday flying buddy Robin Moncrief the aircraft has superb visibility, is a little unusual in being a pusher and is powered by the UL 80HP version of the venerable Rotax 912 yet another variant, she is made from composite (Carbon Fibre) and was built in Italy.


Robin and ZR have their own page within this site if you want to have a look?

G-BJWT is a Whitman Tailwind, I owned a share in this aircraft for 3 years! She is another home built kit, built and lovingly tended to by John Bakewell designed by Steve Whitman to be flown to, and then to compete in Air Racing and then flown home. WT is based at Hucknall in Notts. OBTW yes she is quick!

G-YIII Cessna 150

G-RRCU Robin

G-BHRH Colin Hutson flies Romeo Hotel and demonstrates a spin and recovery, somewhere over Notts

G-BHRH Colin Hutson flies and wows over Hucknall Airfield!

G- Mark Alburys Vans RV4 we were on the home from Wick, landing at Glenforsa on the Isle of Mull in the Scottish Western Isles.

GBHRH Mark Alburys Vans RV4 we were on the home from Wick, Glenforsa and Crewe flying down the Derwent Dams.

G-BWON Europa, this was the last time I flew the aircraft, it also caused me to regain my love of the marquee!

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G-BMPC & G-BOTG Formate

G-BMPC Piper PA28

G-BAEZ Cessna 150 Riems Aerobat

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